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PointsBet Iowa Promo Codes & Review


  • Engaging mobile interface

  • Huge bonuses

  • Karma Kommittee


  • A wrong wager could seriously hurt

  • No PayPal or other eWallet option


This is the review for their Iowa but they are also live in several states


  • Visa and Mastercard are the two most common deposit methods, PointsBet Card, ACH (eCheck) or PayWithMyBank (online banking) and PayNearMe are some of the other banking options

  • PointsBet Card, ACH (eCheck) and online banking.


Big big tick here and their app is easy to use plus it is extremely alluring.


The deposit methods are secure and quick, but PointsBet should consider a PayPal option. Ditto on withdrawal options.


PointsBet uses all needed safeguards and is licensed and regulated by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement and Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission. The site also offers users a “strong” authentication “text code” at sign-in if needed.


They have a 24/7 live chat option via their website and their Twitter account -  @PointsBetUSA - is constantly monitored. They also have a phone helpline 833-388-PBET.


We highly recommend a thorough reading of the Revis Betting Academy that will better acclimate bettors to the unique ways to wager and hopefully assist in bettors fully embracing the PointsBet experience.


PointsBet excels at giving a responsible bettor a unique and exciting wagering experience, including creating their own bet and being engaged until the final buzzer. There is however an equal amount of risk so, again, we stress the word “responsible.”

The Australian company has entered the US market with a splash and talk about being bombarded with huge welcome bonuses for new customers. When we got this assignment to review the website, literally the first thing we read was Risk-Free Bets of up to $2,000. Our eyes popped out of our head like a Looney Tunes character.

PointsBet became the fourth Sportsbook live in the Hawkeye State back in November 2019. Their physical retail location is based at the Catfish Bend Casino.

They have both Android and iOS apps available. A bold red on black background with a rolling bonus bar tries to influence us to use the site.

If new to the site or the concept of PointsBet, we recommend you thoroughly read the Revis Betting Academy primer which explains the high-risk, high-rewards it offers. 

To put it quite simply, how much a bettor wins or loses contingent on how close the bettor’s prediction is to the contests’ final outcome. 

For example, if a bettor wagers $10 on “Over 59 total points scored” in a Cowboys/Giants game and the result is 39-29 (68 total points) so a nine-point win the win/loss is $90. On the flip side in the same game, if it ended up 21-17 (48 points) then it is an 11-point loss and the bettor will lose $110.

Basically, “the more the bettor is right, the more he/she win” vs. “the more the bettor wrong the more he/she loses.”

Each betting market has its own “multiplier cap,” with varies based on the volatility of that specific market, so don’t be surprised to see a win/loss multiplier of 250x vs another capped at 10x.

When it comes to spread betting - which is the crux of the PointsBet model - is that it keeps games interesting and bettors engaged until the last whistle or buzzer. The winner/loser is nice but the final score is the key.

This is a complicated concept for anyone new to betting on sports and if it seems too much - don't worry too much - the traditional markets that you would expect are also available.

Another of the enticing side promotions from PointsBet is their 'Karma Kommittee' which considers reimbursing bettors if they lose due to a bizarre bit of bad luck. A fluke play or a bad call by an official could turn a losing bet into neutral bet.

Typical wagers that are available on spread-betting market include who will win the game, point totals, passing yards on a quarterback, a game’s winning margin, etc.

Traditional bets are just that, traditional - from money lines to point totals to game props.

The company has one of the deepest stockpiles of betting markets offering more than 200 different bet options a game. Note that there are more options in pro leagues than on collegiate games but that is to be fully expected.

PointsBet also offers “Name A Bet” where if a bettor doesn’t see an available betting market on the site you can tweet @PointsBetUSA and an oddsmaker will price the wager for the bettor.

They also a Loyalty Program such as the one on the NFL which offers $100 bonus bet for 25 bets, $200 for $50 etc.