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NFL Betting Odds

The NFL dominates the fall and winter landscape in US sports with the Super Bowl constantly being the most watched sporting event in the country. We are will cover all the action throughout the season plus looking at the fluctuations in the Futures Markets throughout the off season.

All the latest odds will appear below when available...

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Popular NFL Markets

There are plenty of options to bet on the NFL with US Sportsbooks and we'll take you through some of the most popular here:

Handicap Betting: The most popular bet in the US is where a Sportsbook will handicap a match-up and the bettor picks the game based on that handicap. For example if the Sportsbook has the Dallas Cowboys as 3.5 favorites at home to the New York Giants, the book will offer the Cowboys -3.5 and the Giants +3.5. If you think the Giants will cover the 3.5 spread - so basically win outright or lose by three or less - you bet on the Giants +3.5. If you believe the Cowboys will both win outright or by four or more points - you take Dallas -3.5. Sportsbooks tend to offer exactly the same price on both sides of this bet - usually -109.

Moneyline: This is where you bet on a game but with no handicap. Using the same example as above - the Cowboys might be -166 and the Giants +150. This bet just takes the result.

Prop Betting: If every game you can bet on things like 'Who'll score the first Touchdown' and most players will have an over/under number in terms of receptions/yards/touchdowns/tackles etc...

Super Bowl Odds

Over/Under Betting: Similar to the handicap bet - a Sportsbook will set a line of how many points will be scored by both teams in a game and you have to bet whether they'll be more or less than that number. Like a handicap bet - these are often priced around -109 to ensure the book has a slight house edge.

Futures Bet: This is where you bet on the winner of an event - in the NFL that might mean the division, the conference or the Super Bowl.

NFL Parlays: You can place bets on multiple matches on one bet slip although to earn a payout - every single leg has to come in. The odds of nailing a parlay are long but the payouts can be massive.

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