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NBA Odds & Betting Picks

The NBA is the dominant professional basketball league in the world and features 29 teams from the USA and one from Canada. They play in two conferences with the winner of each facing one another in the NBA Finals that traditionally take place in the summer.

The Milwaukee Bucks (Eastern Conference Central Division) won the 2021 NBA Championship to claim their second League title after beating the Phoenix Suns (Western Conference Pacific Division) 4 games to 2, they tied up the championship after winning 105 to 98 in Game 6 of the finals series.

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Popular NBA Betting Markets

Moneyline: This is one of the most standard bets out there. You are basically just betting on who will win the game straight up. No point spreads or anything.

Total Points (Over/Under): This is another of the most standard bets around for betting on Basketball. The Sportsbook will put up a number for the total amount of points in a game and you have to bet whether the game will end up with over or that number for total points. This is for those who like to bet on whether offense or defense will be on top.

Handicap: This is the third of the standard match bets. A Sportsbook will handicap a game and then you bet it like the Moneyline but with that handicap included. So for example if the Sportsbook has the Lakers -5.5pts then you will win a bet on the Lakers only if they win *and* win by more than six points.

Today's Betting Odds

Teaser Bets: This is similar to the handicap bet but you can move the line for shorter/longer odds. Using the example above, if you think the Lakers will win by say at least eight points, you can move the line to Lakers -7.5 and you’ll get a better price for your bet.

Parlay Bets: This is where you add multiple games to your bet slip. You can bet on up to 15 games on one ticket. To win though you’ll need every leg on the slip to come in. This is often a very smaller wager but can pay out big should you hit it.

Future Bets: This bet is where you are betting on an outright winner of either the NBA Finals, Conferences or Divisions.

What happened in the 2019-2020 NBA season?

The 2019-2020 season was - like many other sporting events worldwide - interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The finals were suspended after the league was postponed and eventually the season was restarted in an NBA Bubble allowing teams to conclude the season.

The Los Angeles Lakers won the West as a one-seed and faced-off with the Miami Heat who came out of the East from all the way down as a five-seed. It was LeBron James and co. who came out on top winning in six games.

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