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NFL Picks

Please find the latest NFL Picks from the team here at (when available)

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NFL Picks Explained:

Quite simply our team at will take the line that is provided by our Sportsbook betting partners and make their determination on which team will win using the handicap provided. For example if we think the Dallas Cowboys will win despite the 3.5pt handicap in a game against the New York Giants, we'd pick them to win the bet. If we think the Giants will win outright or lose by less than three, we would select the Giants.

Where can I find all the NFL Lines?

We have a dedicated NFL Lines page where you can select games and choose which state you are in to select the lines that are most applicable to you.

How to Pick on the Moneyline:

Sometimes bettors like to ignore the spread markets and just pick the game straight up. To do this just select the Moneyline markets. When you are betting on this, remember the point spread doesn't apply. So in the same example as earlier, Dallas would be odds-on and a shorter price to win than on the spread, meaning more chance of a win but a lower payout. Whereas the opposite is true if you were to back the Giants. You'd have a smaller chance of winning but the payout will be bigger if it hits.

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How to Pick the Total Points markets:

In our articles here at we'll often take a look at not only the spread but also the total points markets. Here you are betting simply on how many points are scored in a game. Either over or under a number the Sportsbook supplies. Remember that Overtime does count.

Prop Bets:

In addition to the common markets - Prop Betting has become a big thing in recent years with the explosion of legal betting on the NFL. We'll often look at which players may score Touchdowns, how many yards they'll accrue or how many receptions they'll have. These markets are often at bigger price as so check out our articles on each match to see what we think provides some value.

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