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Iowa Sportsbook Payment Options

ACH / Echeck

Automated Clearing House is the most common and popular way to move money online by financial institutions in the United States of America. ECheck it won't be the biggest surprise is an electronic check. Moving money this way can often take up to 3-5 working days unless you are able to use a VIP Preferred Network which is offered by some operators. You’ll need a routing number and a state-issued ID or a Driving License to set this up so make sure you have that to hand before you start.

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American Express

American Express is not as widely used as it was say 20-30 years ago but it is still a Credit Card that many Sportsbooks will accept.

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Casino Cage

To deposit money in person at a Casino Cage - you’ll need ID and you will also need to know your Sportsbook account number.

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Cashback is one of the major plus points about using a Discover card and it is widely accepted by many Sportsbooks.

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MasterCard - along with VISA - are without a doubt the most common credit card in use today in the US of A. Most Online Sportsbooks will accept deposits via this method.

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E-Wallets are the future - well according to many young people anyway - and if you are one of them, then you may well have a Neteller account. To use this, just fund via your preferred method and then link it to your Sportsbook for almost instant balances.

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Online Bill Pay

You can use Online Bill Pay to manage all online payments, which includes being able to fund your Sportsbook account. To do so though you’ll have to make sure you register and set up your account properly.

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Available in most 7-Eleven stores, this option is one for those who like to physically see money change hands. To deposit funds, you’ll be given a bar-coded slip to give to the cashier to fund your online Sportsbook account.

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The most common version of an eWallet out there. If you've used eBay then you are likely to have come across it. A lot of Online Sportsbooks give the thumbs up to this method of money movement.

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Pre-Paid Card

Most operators will offer their own branded Pre-Paid Card. To use this method of depositing funds, just apply via the operator and you can load it with funds ready to use.

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Skrill is an e-wallet that allows customers to have access to their money instantaneously and is similar to Neteller. It may not be as popular as PayPal but it still has many users. Once your account is created, you can use their service to deposit into your sportsbook account.

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VISA is pretty much accepted everywhere around the Globe and US Sportsbooks are no different. It is accepted by the majority of Online Sportsbooks.

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Wire Transfer

You can use this method via your online bank to fund your account using the information provided by the Sportsbook. The transfer process is usually instantaneous.

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