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Illinois Sportsbook Payment Options

ACH / Echeck

Used by financial institutions in the USA for the purposes of transferring money from one account to another, ACH - or Automated Clearing House to give it its full name is commonly used. An eCheck simply means an electronic check. Funds can take up to 3-5 working days unless you are able to use a VIP Preferred Network which is offered by some operators. A routing number and a state-issued ID or a Driving License are normally required in order to set this up.

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American Express

American Express cards may not be as widely used as in their hay day but they still have plenty of users. Many operators allow this credit card to be used to deposit funds into your sports betting account.

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Casino Cage

ID is required and you will also need to know your Sportsbook account number if you are going to deposit funds directly into your account at a Casino Cage. If that is your preferred method then head on down to the specified Casino Cage of the Online Sportsbook you want to deposit funds with.

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If your Discover Card allows cashback - which most do - it then this is the perfect alternative to using your VISA or Mastercard should you be a Discover Card carrier.

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Where you see the VISA you’ll almost always see Mastercard, one of the most popular ways of paying for items and you can use this method to deposit into your account.

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Neteller is an e-wallet - similar to Skrill and PayPal and to use it to just fund your Online Sportsbook - the account to your eWallet for almost instant balances.

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Online Bill Pay

If you want to use this service you’ll need to register and then can use Online Bill Pay to manage all online payments, which includes being able to fund your sportsbook account.

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This is available commonly at 7-Eleven and CVS stores (among others). Simply deposit funds and you’ll be given a bar-coded slip to give to the cashier to fund your account.

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PayPal has become a worldwide leader in online money management. To use this service, sign up or use your existing account and transfer the money instantaneously to your Sportsbook account.

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Pre-Paid Card

Most operators offer their own branded Pre-Paid card, just apply via the operator and you can load it with funds ready to use.

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Like Neteller, Skrill is an e-wallet that allows customers to have access to their money instantaneously. Once your account is created, you can use their service to deposit into your Sportsbook account.

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Along with MasterCard - Visa has become the Gold standard when it comes to Credit Cards. This means it is one of the most popular forms of payment and is accepted by the majority of Online Sportsbooks.

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Wire Transfer

You can use this method via your online bank to fund your account using the information provided by the Sportsbook. The transfer process is usually instantaneous.

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