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Payment Options

When you open a Sports Betting account, you'll need to be able to deposit and withdraw funds. Below are a list of all the various methods that are available. Not all of these will be available with every Sportsbook so check before you sign-up what deposit and withdrawal methods they allow. Usually Sportsbooks and Casinos will offer several of the payment options below:

ACH/ECheck: ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and is an electronic network used by financial institutions in the USA for the purposes of transferring money. ECheck is an electronic check. Deposited funds may take 3-5 working days unless you are using a VIP Preferred Network like with Betfair Casino. A routing number and a state issued ID or Driving License is needed in this instance.

American Express: American Express is a well renowned credit card and is widely used to deposit funds into a Sportsbook account. If your chosen Sportsbook offers this method, you’ll see their logo on their deposit page. Just click on it and follow the instructions.

Casino Cage: This is usually at the centre of a casino and is where most of the money and chips are kept on site. You can exchange money for chips, tokens or tickets in person.

Discover: A Discover Credit Card works like other credit cards but has the added bonus of a generous cashback offer. To deposit funds via this method then click on the logo and follow the instructions.

EZ Bank: EZ Bank allows you to deposit $500 per transaction, up to $1,000 a day and $3,000 a day. With no fees it is becoming more popular and is used by a variety of US based banks. To use, just select your amount, choose your bank and login to EZ Bank.

EZ Money: EZ Money using the ACH system to securely and immediately transfer money between your banking account and Sportsbook account. You have to sign-up to use the service and can be using the service within minutes.

Green Dot: Green Dot is a pre-paid card that you can use to fund your Sportsbook account. You can purchase these in a variety of places including WalMart. Once you have a card, you’ll need to fund it with Moneypak, which you can do either in person or online via your bank.

Neteller: To fund your account with Neteller, you’ll need to provide the Sportsbook with your credit card or bank information. Neteller often offers bonuses to use their service and money transfers are credited to your account within minutes.

Online Bill Pay: To use this service you’ll need to register and then can use Online Bill Pay to manage all their online payments including transferring money into your Sportsbook account.

PayNearMe: To use PayNearMe, you’ll need to provide a barcoded PaySlip to the cashier along with the cash to add to your account. Currently in New Jersey this can only be done at 7-Eleven stores.

PayPal: Since the rise of eBay as a worldwide giant, PayPal has become a worldwide leader in online money management. To use this service, sign-up for an account and transfer the money instantaneously to your account.

Pre-Paid Card: To use a pre-paid card, purchase one at a store or online. This is a one-time transaction as you can reload your card. The benefits of doing this include having an interest free account to use for your online Sportsbook account.

Skrill: Skrill is an e-wallet that allows customers to have access to their money instantaneously. To use, open an account and go through the setup process. Once you’ve done this then you can use their service to deposit into your Sportsbook account.

Visa/Mastercard: Visa and Mastercard are two worldwide Credit Cards that are accepting at most online Sportsbooks and casinos. Just click on the logo and follow the instructions to make online payments using your Credit Card

Wire Transfer: The rise in popularity of online banking methods has led to more people using a direct wire transfer to deposit funds. Just login to your online account via a mobile or computer and fund your account using the account information provided by the Sportsbook. The transfer is usually instant.

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