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NFL Odds: Where will Tom Brady play in 2020?

NFL Odds: Where will Tom Brady play in 2020?

While this question has been asked before in Tom Brady's career, never has it felt more possible that the icon could actually leave the New England Patriots. Assumed by almost everyone to be a "lifer," it is another wild 2020 offseason quarterback drama that has everyone talking.

Will Brady do the unthinkable and leave New England? If so, where could he possibly go? SugarHouse has +170 odds that Brady plays somewhere other than New England in the 2020 season.

The choice is entirely up to the six-time Super Bowl champ. He is a free agent and has full control over which offer he chooses to accept. I find it hard to believe the Patriots won't offer him anything he wants, so it is probably safe to say he certainly will have an acceptable offer to stay put.

He does have reasons to leave New England, as strange as that may seem. The Patriots have arguably failed to put adequate offensive pieces around him multiple seasons in a row. The narrative, especially from Brady's perspective, is that the star quarterback has achieved great success despite the lack of talent on the offensive end in recent years.

Brady might think that he has a better chance of winning his seventh trophy somewhere else. There are also longtime rumors of rifts between him and his coach, and just the general idea that he might want to try something new. He is certainly favored to stay in New England, with SugarHouse giving -250 odds for Brady to start 2020 with the Patriots.

The rumor mill has spun like wild this offseason, though two teams have seemingly risen to the top. The Las Vegas Raiders and the Los Angeles Chargers are odds favorites to land Brady if he leaves the Patriots. Imagine reading that headline 10 years ago.

The Raiders do not seem like a team that could win a Super Bowl anytime soon, even with Brady, so the choice might not be about winning. According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Raiders have been pursuing a deal with Brady during the offseason. Perhaps Brady is more interested in the money and brand increases that he would certainly get as the first quarterback for a Las Vegas team. The Raiders are +300 on SugarHouse to get Brady.

The Chargers do have a chance to win now and offer a similar brand exposure opportunity. Brady would have a great chance to win it all, if the Chargers can stay healthy. That is a big “if” however and something that would be a big risk for someone as old as Brady. The Chargers are +300 to get Brady, and playing in the bright lights of L.A. could appeal to TB12 and the marketing possibilities it brings.

There are a slew of other teams that have small chances to get the legend as well. Ranging from the Carolina Panthers (+1200) to even the Miami Dolphins (+1400). The most likely option, of course, is that Brady remains a Patriot.

If he does leave, I think the Chargers will be his destination. He is a California native and they have a sweet spot combination of brand exposure and talent that seems to fit Brady like a glove. NFL free agency begins March 18.

James Allen  /  March 2nd 2020

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