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PointsBet IN Sportsbook Review

Fresh on the heels of launching in Iowa and New Jersey, PointsBet went live in Indiana over the first weekend of March 2020.

One of the first things you’ll notice after clicking on the sign-up link is a fantastic illustration of their sign-up offer. Basically the more you deposit, the more you’ll get as a bonus for signing-up. Pretty sweet.

So for example, if you sign-up with $50, you’ll have $150 to bet with all the way up to $250 down, you’ll get $500 to bet with. That is a pretty up front offer that is sure to already entice people in.

With us, we currently have an offer where you can get up to $1,000 is no risk-free bets. That is a bold offer for the high roller bettor.

Points Betting though is a different kettle of fish compared to your standard Sportsbook, so be warned, you need to fully understand the model before you dive in headfirst. It is certainly aimed towards high-risk, high-reward bettors and is something that anyone who has used a Betting Exchange in the past and are Lay bettors may have slightly more of an insight into.

Basically, how much a bettor wins or loses all depends on how close the bettor’s prediction is to the contests’ final outcome. 

So for example if the over/under line in the Cowboys vs. Giants game is set at over 51 points and the bettor bets $1 on the over and the number end up at 54, then the bettor wins $3. If the number ended at 48 then the bettor would lose $3. 

So you can lose more than you bet. This is important to understand.

In simple terms, ‘the more the bettor is right, the more he/she wins’ vs. ‘the more the bettor is wrong the more he/she loses.’

Each betting market has its own “multiplier cap,” with varies based on the volatility of that specific market, so don’t be surprised to see a win/loss multipler of 250x vs another capped at 10x.

Got it?

If this concept has you all in a tizz then don’t worry about it, you can still use PointsBet as they accept traditional betting methods as well. The concept listed above is just their USP., 

Some of the available wagers on the spread-betting market includes spread on who will win the game, point totals, passing yards on a quarterback, a game’s winning margin and the like. So basically many of the bets that you’d expect.

Deposits are made through Visa and Mastercard, PointsBet Card, ACH (eCheck) or PayWithMyBank (online banking).

Withdrawals and Payout options are a PointsBet Card or ACH (eCheck).

Promotions are plentiful with many offerings changing daily. Here are a few they’ve previously offered of may still be offering:

PointsBet also offers “Name A Bet” where if a bettor doesn’t see an available betting market on the site you can tweet @PointsBetUSA and an oddsmaker will price the wager for the bettor. This is a popular feature with European Sportsbooks and we expect it to take off in the USA in the very near future


  • Energetic mobile interface

  • Plentiful bonuses

  • Karma Kommittee



  • A wrong wager could seriously impact a bettors’ wallet

  • No PayPal or other eWallet option



New Jersey, Iowa and Indiana



  • Visa and Mastercard, PointsBet Card, ACH (eCheck) or PayWithMyBank (online banking) of PayNearME which generates a barcode that you take to a participating 7-Eleven, give them the amount due and your account is replenished

  • PointsBet Card, ACH (eCheck) and online banking.



The nature of wagers PointsBet offers plus the display of multiple promos and more-than-engaging interfaces creates a sense of urgency in wanting to be part of the action.



Secure, but only a few options - Visa and Mastercard, PointsBet Card, ACH (eCheck) or PayWithMyBank (online banking) – are nice, but PayPal is not currently offered which is less than ideal



The deposit methods are secure and quick, but PointsBet should consider a PayPal option. Ditto on withdrawal options. 



PointsBet uses all needed safeguards and has teamed up with Penn National Gaming. The site also offers users a “strong” authentication “text code” at sign-in if needed.



24/7 customer assistance is offered through a live chat offered onsite, email, on Twitter @PointsBetUSA or by phone 833-388-PBET. 



We highly recommend anyone who is interested in Spread Betting thoroughly researches the product before getting stuck in. That will better acclimate bettors to the unique ways to wager and hopefully assist in bettors fully embracing the PointsBet experience. 



PointsBet excels at giving a responsible bettor a unique and exciting wagering experience, including creating their own bet and being engaged until the final buzzer. There is however an equal amount of risk so, again, we stress the word “responsible.”

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