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Promo Codes are a very easy way for brands to entice people in with a special offer to gain their custom. Sometimes these are loss leaders, a way to bring people in but lose money in the short-term but hope enough customers stick around that in the long-term they make money.

This is why you’ll often get promo codes for places like Pizza Hut and Domino’s Pizza offering you pizzas at such a low price that it makes you go there and they are betting on you sticking with them at full price if you have a good experience.

Another aspect of offering various promo codes is for brands to find out where their customers are coming from. If they offer the same deal but with different codes via their social media channels, their website, leafleting, through affiliates and through traditional media advertising, they can easily track which works better in terms of value for money.

With companies falling over themselves to get you in the door, if you use promo codes wisely then you’ll be able to take advantage of good deals from a variety of competitors.

This is where we come in with regards to US Sports Betting.

We have put together the best promo codes offers from Sportsbooks in your state above so you can pick and choose which operator to go with. For those who are savvy, you’ll be able to open accounts at multiple books and take advantage of every offer. This will keep your opening outlay down and allow you to test out which Sportsbook you prefer.

To use you simply add the promo code text highlighted in the dotted box above when depositing funds (there will be a box for this) with the sportsbook. This is typically done when you sign-up and register. There will be a box marked Promo Code and to ensure that you get the offer, you have to copy and paste or type in exactly the promo code provided.

Unique promo codes are offered throughout the year so you’ll often be able to find interesting new sign-up offers. Please note however that these often are only available to new customers only.

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