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What States have Legal Sports Betting

Last Updated: January 4, 2021


It isn’t the biggest shock in the world that Nevada was the first state to offer legalized sports betting. It has been around since 1949 and has led to a mature market that is known not just across the country but around the Globe. Online gambling in the state is done via casino owned apps and plenty of in-person opportunities to gamble are available.


It took nearly 70 years but in June 2018, there was a second state where you could gamble legally and that was Delaware. Currently you can place a bet at three land based casinos only and despite it being legal, online betting is not offered.

New Jersey:

Delaware may be dragging its heels on offering online sports gambling but over the state border in New Jersey, that most certainly is not the case. The Garden State has been the first state market to boom with regards to online gambling, with many companies now offering deals and promotions to entice new customers. Sports betting enthusiasts in the state are not short of options when it comes to who to open an account with.


The fourth state to open up sports betting may come as a surprise to many. However for those looking to gamble in the comfort of their own home, you are out of luck. Currently only bets placed in person or on the grounds of a casino are accepted.

West Virginia:

Next up is the Mountain State where in person and mobile betting is offered. The FanDuel Sportsbook app is up and running meaning West Virginia was the third state to offer gambling at home after Nevada and New Jersey.

New Mexico:

New Mexico has an in-person only rule and currently only one place in the state is licensed to accept sports bets. That is the Santa Ana Star Casino. Another stipulation is that you can’t bet on New Mexico or New Mexico State NCAA games.


The Keystone State is one of the fastest moving with regards to sports betting as both in-person and online gambling has now been legalized. The 36% tax revenue on all operators means it is also the highest taxed is the States. Anyone from 21 and up can open an account and place a bet.

Rhode Island:

There were already two major land-based casinos operating in the Ocean State, so when sports betting became legal, it was only a matter of time before they started to accept bets in person. Currently online betting is legal but not in use although that is only a matter of time. Unlike many of the other states that have legalized sports gambling, the minimum age in RI is just 18.


Bill Clinton’s former state became the ninth to offer legal sports betting in July 2019 with the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort being the first (and to this point only) place to have accepted a sports wager. Three other land-based have been licensed but none are currently taking sports bets. Online betting is not allowed.

New York:

The Empire State has dipped its toe into the sports betting market by allowing in-person bets to be taken. Currently seven places are accepting bets with an eighth due to launch soon. Despite having a popular and successful Horse Racing betting app, mobile sports gambling is not currently available to NY residents.

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The Hawkeye State has gone full tilt at sports betting since its launch in August 2019. Both in-person and mobile gambling are fully legal, although some NCAA matches have limits on what can be bet on. The sign-up process in the state though is very strict and you’ll need to both verify your identity in person and download an app to ensure you are within state borders before you can gamble from your mobile phone.


Despite being one of four states to have been able to offer sports gambling due to the Grandfather Clause of PASPA, the Beaver State were relatively slow in offering betting on sports when PASPA came crashing down in 2018. It took until August 2019 before the first bet was placed. Online betting is available via the Scoreboard App from the State Lottery. NCAA betting is currently prohibited.


Unlucky for some, state number 13 to go live was Indiana. Pro and College sports are available to bet on but high school and eSports are a no-no. Both in-person and online betting is permitted with many of the big names in online sports betting moving into the Hoosier State.

New Hampshire:

On December 30, 2019, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununo placed the first ceremonial wager within the state, making it number 14 to offer legalized sports gambling. It will allow in-person and mobile wagering and the legal age is 18. Betting on in state college teams is not allowed.


March 9, 2020 was the day the 15th state opened up for legal sports betting as Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker signed a bill into law permitting both in-person and online gambling. You can’t bet on minor league games or Illinois College team.


Just two days after Illinois, Michigan joined the fray with two casinos launching after Governor Whitner signed the ‘Lawful Betting Act’ into law. Unlike Illinois however there are no notable prohibitions as you can bet on college and pro sports along with all sports events involving local teams.


March was a busy month as Montana joined in by allowing in-person wagers to be placed legally. The state’s lottery will provide the framework for betting and that was in large part why Governor Bullock signed the bill. No online bets are currently being taken.


The Centennial State became the 18th state to legalize sports betting after the voters narrowly passed an initiative stating that it should be allowed. Bets can be placed both online and in-person. Tax revenue is set to help fund various state water projects.

Washington D.C.:

Like several other states, the District of Columbia has embraced sports betting with the distinct caveat of college sports involving teams in the district being unavailable to wager on. Once more it is the State Lottery that have provided the framework to take bets and you can wager both online and in-person.


The ‘Tennessee Sports Gaming Act’ came into law on November 1, 2020 and they became the 20th state to take a legal sports bet. All bets are taken online with no in-person betting available. 

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