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How to Place a Bet Online

Placing a bet online can be a bit confusing at first. There are multiple different sportsbooks online, but navigating them is pretty similar. Basically, you have to “join” or create and account, deposit money into the account and then place a bet. Below, we will go through the process step by step.

Step One: Joining a sports book and creating an account:

Head on over to FanDuel Sportsbook (for one example) and click on the green “JOIN NOW” box on the top right of the homepage.

Fill out the following forms and contact information and hit “Create account” when you are finished entering in your information.

After clicking on “Create account” your account will be created and you will be able to add funds to that account.

Step Two: Adding Funds

Just like you would add funds on Amazon or any online store, you need to enter your credit card information and select how many dollars you would like to add to your “wallet.” If you do not feel comfortable entering your credit card information you can use a third-party funding service like PayPal as well. These funds are going to be used to place bets so add as much as you would like to use in the near future. Once you have added some funds you are able to head over to the sportsbook part of the website and place a bet!

Step Three: Placing a Bet

Once you have added your funds, go ahead and click the “home” tab that will be located at the top of the screen, just to the right of the main “FanDuel” logo. This will bring you to the homepage for the sportsbook where all the possible bets will be listed.

We are going to be placing an NFL bet, so go ahead and click the “Football” tab as shown below.

Once you have clicked on “Football” you should see a list of NFL games for the current week. Pick whichever one you want, but for this example we will be picking the Seahawks to win at -1.5. As you can see below, by clicking the -1.5 points spread option on the Seahawks versus Rams game, it opens up a tab on the right that allows us to place a bet.

Once you click on the bet you want, you can enter a dollar amount from your funds and see how much your payout will be if you win your bet. You can see here, a $10 bet will pay out $9.09. Once you are comfortable with your bet, you can click on “Place Bet” and your bet will be placed. Your odds and spread will be locked in, so this bet will have the same payout even if the spread or odds change in the future and once the game is over you will receive your payout if you win.

If you win then your payout will be added to your “funds” and you can either bet again or “cash out” and add the money back into a PayPal account or another payment source such as a bank.

There are many different types of bets and sportsbooks, but this is the basic way you will go about betting online. There might be some small differences on different websites, but the three basic steps are the same: Sign up, add funds, place bet. 

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