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How to open an Online Sportsbook Account

Opening a Sportsbook Account can be a daunting task. With so many options available and a plethora of promo codes along with sign-up bonuses, choosing which company to create an account with is the first thing you have to consider.

With online betting starting to take-off in the United States, the first thing you must do is check that you are in a state that allows sports gambling. If you are located outside one of these states then you may well still be open to open an account but placing any bets will be strictly forbidden outside of state lines.

Once you are sure you are within a state that accepts sports gambling (or indeed are traveling to one soon and want to open an account before you arrive at your location), you must check what the rules are for signing up within that state. Some states will let you open an account but won’t allow you to place any bets until you’ve registered in person at a casino.

You can get this information on our State Guide pages.

For now we’ll assume you are within a state that allows people to sign-up solely online. First you need to choose which company you want to sign-up with. The best thing to do here is look at all the sign-up offers and promo codes within the state and choose the offer that you find most attractive.

Again you can get all that information within our State Promo Codes pages.

Once you’ve chosen which Sportsbook to go with, click on the ‘Claim Now’ button in blue with white text and you’ll be taken to their homepage for the next stage of the sign-up process.

Now look for a ‘Join Now’ or ‘Get Started’ button and click on that and start adding the information requested. This will usually be screen-name, an e-mail address, password and affiliate code.

The next step will be to add your address, date of birth and choose security questions.

It is not uncommon for Sportsbooks to ask for the last few digits of your Social Security number to ensure that it is actually you that is signing up. Do not be put off by this and if you have any security questions, they’ll have live support available to talk you through why this is the case.

At this point you should be at the end phase and you’ll have created your account. You should be able to deposit immediately unless any further security checks on the account are required. In States where you have to register or confirm your identity in person, your account will be free to use after you have done this

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